SIMOSA – aims principally to create a new urban centre at São Pedro Bay, on approximately 30 hectares of land, to the south of São Vicente island, about 10 km from the centre of the town and near São Pedro International Airport.

The housing sector has played a leading competitive and open role in the context of Cape Verde’s economic development, in spite of the current international crisis.


SÃO PEDRO VILLAGE – a new village in São Pedro Bay. Due to the beauty and potential of the area São Pedro on the south coast of the island of São Vicente, and with the aim of investing in what is now known as the industry of the century – tourism – we intend to build hotel and residential infrastructures that, from a tourist’s perspective, offer the pleasures of the beach and water sports as well as the tranquillity of a tropical environment. These are all highly sought-after characteristics today.

Conceptually, this project forms part of the urbanization proposal, aiming to develop the forward-looking objective and, given São Vicente’s economic and demographic development, the conceptual vision of the tourist village. This residential tourist complex rests on the principles of sustainable land-usage and an architectural approach that provides the island with better standards of functionality and quality in terms of tourist accommodation.

This is the context for the construction of the São Pedro Village tourist development on São Pedro beach, which will complement the other tourist facilities and hotel complexes on the island of São Vicente and cater to more diverse markets and consumer segments.

The complex aims to take advantage of a balanced and harmonious landscape, bathed in a fusion of green and aqua and in sync with the tropical architectural spirit that will be instilled in the accommodation. The intention is to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere for all those wanting to get away from big cities to more rustic and tropical environments, or for those wishing to own lovely holiday homes or apartments in attractive and exclusive locations, be they locals or from further afield.

– can participate in the promotion and development of investments in S. Vicente, making the most of the geo-strategic advantages the island has to offer. Thanks to its location in the Cape Verdes archipelago, the island is a major drawcard for tourists, mainly due to trans-Atlantic yachting. The country's main port, Porto Grande, is also located on the island, offering regular cargo and passenger shipping. São Vicente also boasts the country’s main naval shipyard.

SIMOSA – a pioneering and dynamic regional company in this sector, aims to support the programmes of public authorities and other private partners in order to respond to the legitimate and growing need for quality accommodation. The development of a competitive and dynamic housing sector is open to innovation, granting access to all high-quality and diversified services and encouraging people to purchase new housing and other property.

SIMOSA – aims to participate in land planning and property development.

SIMOSA – can, through the transfer of its partners’ technologies, adapt to all demands in the context of sustainable development and high-quality construction.

In terms of finance, SIMOSA is able to raise the necessary funds to carry out large-scale projects aimed at supporting the government in completing important and essential works that will benefit the population.


The tourism resources on the island of São Vicente are vast:

  • isolation, synonymous with tranquillity
  • favourable climate
  • perfect sea temperature
  • sandy white beaches with great potential for water sports
  • natural resources of great ecological and scenic value and friendly people, which collectively form the prime ingredients for a tourist development aimed at those looking for peace, security and tranquillity

São Vicente’s potential for tourism is well-known and interest is already evident:

  • Through the continual presence of sailing and recreational vessels moored in Mindelo Bay; and
  • The growing presence of cruise ships
  • The city of Mindelo, considered the archipelago's cultural capital, is the greatest exponent of this potential, while its bay is considered one of the world’s most beautiful natural bays
  • Other natural bays of great beauty include Gatas Bay and Calhau Beach Bay, as well as our own São Pedro Bay

SIMOSA - is a company with share capital of EUR 500,000.00

SIMOSA – aims principally to create a new urban centre at São Pedro Bay, on approximately 30 hectares of land, to the south of São Vicente island, about 10km from the centre of the town and near São Pedro International Airport.

Signed: Adelino Ivo dos Santos - architect