San Pedro Village

Water is the unifier of the village which is all around, much like a pile village. This lake completes the beach, creating an extraordinary scenery, with changing light.

The project aims to look out over the sea so as to create a port for fishermen and tourists. Just as in Port Grimaud, near Saint-Tropez in France...

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Hotel Dom Pedro

Within walking distance from the sea, within the immediate vicinity of the airport and located on the mountain’s edge, a five star hotel is being developed that contains every conceivable convenience.

The hotel has been designed as a small village and consists of 40 rooms of various sizes, all equipped with every imaginable convenience and modern comfort. The rooms are situated in highly divergent locations and the majority of them have a wide terrace or balcony. Each room is spatially unique and is fitted out in a contemporary style.

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The reason why we started a QUARTER HORSES stud farm in Sao Vicente in 2006 is a long story.
In 1980, in Cape Verde, there were still a few descendants of horses that were used during the Portuguese colonization. Traditionally, in Cape Verde, on festive occasions, horse races were organized by horse owners using sponsorship from local authorities to be able to offer some prize money. When we arrived there in 1983, a small group of amateurs came to see me and asked me if I could help them build some infrastructure in terms of stables and a ring as well as assist them in training and improving the existing breed.

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Mindelo (Mindel’ in Cape Verdean Creole), is a port city on the Cape Verde in the northern part of the island of São Vicente. Mindelo is also the seat of the parish of Nossa Senhora da Luz, and this island's municipality. The city is home to 96% of the entire island's population
There was a coal station in Mindelo during the times of steam navigation by the British. Mindelo is a cosmopolitan city. The Randallcoal company was established at the shipping routes of Europe, South Africa, India, Australia and Africa and South America.



Santo Antão

The island, entirely made up of volcanic material. The tallest mountain is Topo de Coroa, reaching a height of 1,979 m. The second tallest is Pico da Cruz at 1,585 m. The island is divided into north and south by a mountain range long considered impenetrable but now crossed by a road. The island’s main town is Ponta do Sol on the north coast, home to the Agostinho Neto Airport, while its ferry port is Porto Novo on the south coast. A part of the island in the southeast has an arid climate, while the northwest receives relatively normal precipitation. Its valleys are suffering heavy erosion.



Aeroporto Internacional De São Pedro

São Pedro Airport (Portuguese Aeroporto de São Pedro) (IATA: VXE, ICAO: GVSV) is Cape Verde's third most-used airport located in the island of São Vicente, located nearly 5 km from the centre of Mindelo and serves the entire island and the island of Santo Antão. It is located in the valley area of the island and is north of the village of São Pedro. The IATA code prefix represents the second name of the island name and is São V(X)icente, the X is used for letters that are out of use and are taken by other airports in the world. he last two letters of the ICAO code is São Vicente. The airport was inaugurated in 1960.